But for pirates, this speed is acceptable, but ten hardware a day is not generally crazy to hire.

Wu Xin said, "I’ve heard that class-five captains can be upgraded slowly through transportation without being promoted to employment." "It’s going to take a long time and he’s only one life. If he’s killed, who will cry?" Lang Dao: "At present, the second question is that it is even more difficult for another gunner to […]

The radar officer said, "No way! Our president has just returned from a visit!"

The pilot said, "What do you know? This is called strategic deception! This recruit Japanese pigs can be no less. " Han Feng said coldly, "I’m under orders. He doesn’t know if he wants to live. Just do as I say!" The captain asked with a sad face, "We have your prisoner ready, don’t we?" […]

She taunted the Buddha who led him to the truth and didn’t dare to retaliate. "The Buddha has a life to capture Sun Wu and dare not disobey him."

Li Shan’s mother hummed, "Tathagata is not afraid of being laughed at for doing such a self-abasing thing." At this moment Zhenwu came to Li Shan’s mother and said, "Aunt, this group of hooligans will scold you and give it to my nephew." Zhenwu’s insight is even more puzzling, aunt? Zhenwu is ten thousand scales […]

After learning about Tian’s site selection intention, Andy persuaded Tian to rent an office building first and slowly develop the company.

Wait until the company develops before thinking about expanding its scale. Day considered a decision to accept Andy’s suggestion. He also knows that his financial resources are far from enough, so he should first accumulate a fortune and then buy an office building directly. Andy said that he would invite Fan Shengmei and Tian to […]

Talent, you are both talents!

I never imagined that a little Imperial Beast No.1 Middle School would have you two Wolong Feng Chu … Dahuang college At this time, Liu Yuan finally woke up after experiencing consternation. He looked at Wu Heng and calmly said, "Senior Wu Heng … I really like someone." Hearing this, the field suddenly became quiet. […]

Although there is land in the village, it is also a trouble for the villagers to see a house in the village for many days.

It is not a good thing for those villagers to treat him as a fairy or a monster. When the immortals come to worship them, if they are treated as monsters, the villagers will be scared to move to the village. God didn’t mean to disturb people. All the days took the Queen of the […]

Yeah, he was scared shit and scared pee.

In a sneer, Liu Yu shook his head and left with Wang Shaoyang. What happened to these people now? Is it difficult for young women to seduce or square dance? Have to run here to do such a shameful thing. In the daytime, the restaurant is proofing tonight. There are two fat and strong men […]

When Ji saw the lip angle in his eyes, he said with a smile, "This shows that if you are really careless on weekdays, how can you apply drugs to these skin injuries?"

It is difficult for Li Jue to have a wry smile, and it is also his rescue. However, it seems that there is only a period of inactivity, and the injury seems to be really closed. The clothes are bloodstained and it still looks very eye-catching. Qing Xu still smiled, but when his eyes swept […]

Wu Xin Ship laughed. "I didn’t know what the piracy industry in China is the best for us. We really don’t know what pirates can do."

Bai Wendao said, "I can’t blame them for reading novels and movies. Pirates are generally symbols of justice. It is despicable and despicable to suppress pirates, but according to my investigation, the number of famous pirates killed by bloodthirsty people in history." "This seems to have become a pattern of rebellion," Wu Xin said. "For […]

Gouliu looked at Meng Fei coldly. I didn’t expect us to meet again so soon. This is the person who injured us and robbed us today.

Oh, actually killing the city and injuring me. XuanYuanzong, are you provoking me? XuanYuanzong is not dignified. The handsome young master in front of him looks gloomy. The old man is hurting people. Give him back in your hand before he hurts them. I already know about this, little fellow. Since you are sitting here, […]