After learning about Tian’s site selection intention, Andy persuaded Tian to rent an office building first and slowly develop the company.

Wait until the company develops before thinking about expanding its scale. Day considered a decision to accept Andy’s suggestion. He also knows that his financial resources are far from enough, so he should first accumulate a fortune and then buy an office building directly. Andy said that he would invite Fan Shengmei and Tian to […]

Talent, you are both talents!

I never imagined that a little Imperial Beast No.1 Middle School would have you two Wolong Feng Chu … Dahuang college At this time, Liu Yuan finally woke up after experiencing consternation. He looked at Wu Heng and calmly said, "Senior Wu Heng … I really like someone." Hearing this, the field suddenly became quiet. […]

Although there is land in the village, it is also a trouble for the villagers to see a house in the village for many days.

It is not a good thing for those villagers to treat him as a fairy or a monster. When the immortals come to worship them, if they are treated as monsters, the villagers will be scared to move to the village. God didn’t mean to disturb people. All the days took the Queen of the […]

The sudden roar of the green python actually took hundreds of meters. The blood-red eyes of the green python glared at Yuan Ye, and they were unwilling to retreat. The snake letter was several meters long and kept on alert.

It seems that someone lured you to kill me. I said, what a coincidence. Five, tell me who it is. Yuan Ye asked coldly. Roar at the huge python, anger, a roar, a tail, a body, and a green crazy wave rolled to Yuan Ye. At this moment, the green python is no longer delusional. […]

"Tang Wenlong is a monster, and the yellow race can actually have such physical qualities." Before the competition, several reporters got together to discuss that the most important thing in the competitive competition is to expose the star. Only when the star has news points can it be worth seeing.

A Yahoo sports reporter said, "Yes, it broke my understanding that the yellow race is physically weak. At this rate of development, we will have the opportunity to compete for MVP this year!" "There are scoring champions who are less than 21 years old in the NBA? Oh, this is crazy! " Other reporters interface […]

Come in

A faint and casual tone, like a bead splashing on the ground, struck him hard. His body was stiff and he was at a loss. He just had feelings for her last night, and now he has to face her. Can he still be calm before? Long fingers practicing martial arts, leaving cocoons and stroking […]

Looking at the blaster of Vulcan war, Zilan Fairy immediately snorted coldly, but there was no irate look and no words in her expression. Her hand was slightly raised, and’ Jin Jiao Jian’ went to sell it and turned into two golden dragons with a hundred feet. The golden light flashed, and the body of Vulcan war was smashed, and it was cut in half.

However, at the moment when a dust child and others were dumbfounded and the frightened Vulcan war was cut in half,’ Jin Jiao Jian’ was castrated, and in a flash it appeared at the side of the huge body in the sky. When the waist was cut, the Vulcan body of Jinyang was also cut […]

Seeing that big smelly mouth is about to stick to yourself, Qin used his quick wits to enlarge and shouted, "You deserve to be my teacher. You will have to refine your smelly mouth if you want to refine it at the back of your armpit."

The abnormal magician heard that Zheng really didn’t approach again, but asked after his face was uncertain. How did you know that I was covering the door when you knew how to refine it? Qin destroyed andao a lottery. Fortunately, from this guy’s fear of hidden weapons’s reaction, he associated himself with a shallow kung […]

With a quick mind, Fang Yun continued

With a quick mind, Fang Yun continued to plunder other places and collect herbs. "Red jade is a blessing!" Fang Yun in the air, saw a few humble herbs in the grass. Heart together, gently swept, it is necessary to transplant this medicinal material into the "universal clock of heaven and earth". "Hoo!" As soon […]