The radar officer said, "No way! Our president has just returned from a visit!"

The pilot said, "What do you know? This is called strategic deception! This recruit Japanese pigs can be no less. " Han Feng said coldly, "I’m under orders. He doesn’t know if he wants to live. Just do as I say!" The captain asked with a sad face, "We have your prisoner ready, don’t we?" […]

When Ji saw the lip angle in his eyes, he said with a smile, "This shows that if you are really careless on weekdays, how can you apply drugs to these skin injuries?"

It is difficult for Li Jue to have a wry smile, and it is also his rescue. However, it seems that there is only a period of inactivity, and the injury seems to be really closed. The clothes are bloodstained and it still looks very eye-catching. Qing Xu still smiled, but when his eyes swept […]

Gouliu looked at Meng Fei coldly. I didn’t expect us to meet again so soon. This is the person who injured us and robbed us today.

Oh, actually killing the city and injuring me. XuanYuanzong, are you provoking me? XuanYuanzong is not dignified. The handsome young master in front of him looks gloomy. The old man is hurting people. Give him back in your hand before he hurts them. I already know about this, little fellow. Since you are sitting here, […]

"Make a notice again … isn’t this quite a publicity of business opportunities?" Tong looked at Xiaowen and typed the message and said

"Yeah, but the specific business opportunities have to be discovered by the players themselves. After all, there are no details in the preview." "You can do this, too. Let the juice keep an eye on it more. If he thinks there is something profitable, let him tell you and then we can all analyze it […]

And the law and so, Doug Graff, too, just sometimes looked at the corner of Qing Ye’s eyes more vicious.

———— Chapter one hundred and eighty-seven Nuwa has the news. Yeluhe, Dograwoff, Mosang and others thought and sat there, as if isolated from the world, quietly watching the auction held at the auction house below. The front of the VIP room is made of a kind of magic crystal stone, from which you can clearly […]

this is

Ye Chen tried to reach out his hand to the front, but this time his hand was not blocked by anything and went directly through the water and the barrier actually disappeared. Master disappeared south son said in surprise. Well, Ye Chen turned his eyes back to the gray plant and said that this barrier […]

As Xiao Lingyu hesitated, the sword-repairing monarch also went to the city guard camp, and in a secret room, he sat opposite a strong city guard who also had the magic monarch’s cultivation. There was a table between them, and there were some fruits and wine on the table.

"I haven’t seen you for many years, but Brother Feng is about to break through to the Mundus level. It’s really gratifying." The strong city guards raised their glasses and laughed. "Brother Lu is not bad either. Although it is still a little far away from the emperor’s level, in less than ten million years, […]

"Who? Is that the man who set you free? What’s his name? "

"Yes, he, he is. I can’t name him." Hearing this, Xiao Wu couldn’t stay any longer. He put the skins at the door and left quietly. Xiao Wu has only one feeling to live in this world. A man will be humble if he doesn’t have absolutely strong power. Momo will be a beautiful memory […]

He’s not called the Palace Guard because most of the Palace Guards are senior guards who know the situation of the former idiot temple very well. Many Palace Guards don’t pay attention to that temple.

Most of the guards in the outer palace are newcomers who are born with fear of the imperial palace. You should know that I didn’t know many things about Xuanyuan guoxing before. Let me talk about the fact that the palace is also a Xuanyuan country. Meng Fei is superficial and pretends to be casual, […]