If so—

It’s worth killing a few more heads
Gu Qingshan just thought like this, but he saw the darkness in the distance, and the flames moved one after another.
They light up and light up the whole night.
Gu Qingshan counted only to find that the sight range is this monster.
However, a few monsters who are close to him have attracted the attention of those knights riding horses, and the knights are entangled.
Once those knights were hit by monsters, their bodies suddenly turned into virtual shadows and left the current world.
They flew over the long golden awn and fell back into Gu Qingshan’s armor.
-"saints hold" this armor is the sanctuary.
More and more golden awns fly back.
Before long, all the knights disappeared.
Monsters are looking at Gu Qingshan-
"Put … one by one …"
The first monster roared
The monsters roared together.
They are far away but don’t come.
Gu Qingshan waited for a while
Lola poked fun in his ear.
"Is this monster also scared Liao Xiaobao away?"
Gu Qingshan is not sure. "They all have more spiritual skills, and Liao Xiaobao feels that some of them are not rivals."
The two angels behind him looked at each other and suddenly said, "Saint, we give you the power to see evil."
Gu Qingshan eyes suddenly surrounded by golden flames.
He suddenly noticed something and looked around, then slowly raised his head and looked in the direction.
"… I … probably know what Liao Xiaobao wants to escape …"
Guqingshandi avenue
The dark sky is not the night, but the body that covers the sun.
The battle just now was not the original earth of the world, but the palm of your hand.
Those so-called monsters are just a few wisps of evil breath in the palm of your hand.
Like a mountain of sumeru, it exudes ominous evil.
It’s like a full moon with blood all the time overlooking the battle.
The full moon Gu Qingshan’s eyes gradually became distorted, deformed and tilted, revealing some profound contempt and indifference.