Law to compete!

Ruggie unexpectedly Wu day crazy attack losing ground!
It’s as if the cold wind and the ice and snow whistling in this world all obey the orders of Wu Day, so that Ruggie can strike back his strength. At this time, he is scarred and covered with frostbite marks!
"This ….. how is that possible? I am a noble shura protoss, and I should be beaten so miserably by a mere human being. " Ruggie’s face was full of horror. Imagine that he would lose so neatly!
"It’s not enough …" Wu Tian said grimly and licked his lips coldly. "It’s too light for you to bear such a small scar to bring pain and disaster to celestial beings. I want you to bear all the pain and die in despair!"
"Don’t play for too long, Wu Tian. This kind of guy will be destroyed directly!" Fire ling shouted.
"No, I won’t be so kind and take advantage of him!" Wu said, raising my hand and grabbing it, suddenly a mass of cold air converged on Ruggie’s left arm and broke the skin with cold!
"ah!" Ruggie uttered a cry of pain.
"The painful taste of peeling you into bones layer by layer … enjoy it!" Wu day look ferocious hand move again followed by Ruggie left arm flesh and blood also followed with frozen fracture revealed pale bones!
"Damn how can an old ant make you proud to fix the protoss without being insulted by the enemy!" Ruggie’s eyes are bloodshot and heart-rending, and he cries out, raising his hand and patting it towards his own soul, trying to kill himself!
"Hum want to die? It’s not that easy. Everything is up to you! " Wu day finger hook suddenly several cold converge out of all frost chains will be bound Ruggie limbs to be fixed in Chinese characters!
Chapter 41 Extinction of divine light
"Bastard put the old man!" Ruggie struggled wildly, but he couldn’t get any roots.
"Before those ice disciples are also so your strength struggle? Did you leave them alone? Don’t worry, slowly enjoy the tormented pleasure! " Wu day fingers pinch several hand tactic hit Ruggie chest suddenly gives birth to a few ice pick and slowly turned red!
"let your blood dye these ice cones, and those celestial beings you killed pay homage!" Wu day eyes kill all surging ready to killer!
But suddenly he raised his hand and counted the ice with a wave of his hand, and thousands of ice birds went straight into the sky and blasted into the thick rolling clouds!
"hmm? Have enemies? " Everyone looked at immediately alert.
After all, in this world of ice and snow, everyone’s senses are more or less affected by this harsh cold and become relatively dull, but Wu Tian is different. The more this cold, the more his perception ability can be doubled. I don’t know how many times more acute it is than usual!
Since he suddenly launched such an attack, it is equivalent to sending a warning signal to everyone!
Immediately, the whole awning immediately issued a series of thunderous noises, and the number of ice chips flying was obviously caused by the destruction of Wu Day’s attack!
"I didn’t expect to be discovered by you, waiting for me to hum … but it’s time for me to appear. After all, although Ruggie has a felony, it’s also my Shura protoss emperor master who can’t let him die here like this!" A dull sound sounded followed by several figures flashing into clouds!
"Oh, I didn’t expect so many shura protoss masters to come?" Wu day nao nao head way
"These seven people … are by no means idle!" Ancient setting and others face a heavy have been alert to pose for the posture.
"Er … are you? You come just to save the old man … "Ruggie at hurriedly beaming as if to see a lifeline.
"Shut up, Ruggie, you idiot! You’ve lost the face of Shura Protoss. I’ve come to escort you back to the place where you died. Even if you don’t die now, you’ll be more painful!" The first old man is loud.
"No … the old man can redeem himself by good service. The treasure in the celestial world has all the power to deduce the ice crystals in the sky. If you can get it here, it’s a great thing! I’ll give you this credit. You must keep me! " Ruggie face a change hurriedly shouted
"oh? What did you say?/Sorry? Fairy world treasure a Yan Tian ice crystal? Will it be here? " Hong Liang’s eyes flashed and rubbed. "If that’s the case, it’s really a shame to find a place!"
With a wave of his hand, the loud sleeves suddenly burst into a gust of wind, and the ice chain bound with Ruggie was smashed and released.
"Be careful, everyone. These people are not simple. They are much better than that Ruggie just now!" Ancient coagulation frowning bass to all humanity.
"Yes, we are the strongest Shenjun masters in the Shura protoss, and you can’t compete!" Loud said his arms a flap suddenly a air billow spewing out than terror!
This force is comparable to the ancestral realm!
"Can rival ten ancestors realm master … this …" The ancient setting bitten to grind a heavy heart.
"The other guys also have the top strength of Xuanxian. It seems that we are not easy to deal with this time!" Jiyingxue nodded sink a way
"If it was still the time when the Shura protoss came to Xianhuang State, we might have fought back against such a strong enemy, but now it’s different … I don’t know who will fight for it!" The ancient setting laughed at a jump and got up. Fairy Yuan Li also violently spewed out loud and held up.
"oh? I said how so rampant that there are people in this celestial world who have masters close to the ancestral realm! But ….. you’re just close. It’s no use not reaching the ancestral realm! " Loud canthus twitched slightly a contemptuous said
"Are you? It’ s no use fighting! " The ancient setting waved the neck and suddenly punched with a thunderous force towards the loud bang!
"I’ll play with you if I’m old, but you’re killing yourself!" Loud hand blow mixed with violent strength ancient condensate war together.
And others have chosen their opponents to enter the battle.
However, the strength of Gu Ning’s side is relatively inferior, but the number of people is absolutely superior. Two against one or three against one makes this melee suddenly fierce.
"They … are so strong!" Zhang Han dumbfounded has been folded by the strength of Gu Ning and others.
All kinds of attribute forces that have reached the extreme have crashed into each other, and the violent fairy force is overflowing, which makes the whole day spread with the violent shock and cracks.
However, the strength gap is doomed!
After a wick of incense, Gu Ning and others presented a disadvantage.