Shadow nodded and said, "No problem. When can you leave?"

Luo Wu held out his hand and said, "Any time will do." "Now, then." Luo Wu headed the way "can" Shadow looked at him for a moment before sinking, "Lord Luo, what will happen if you do this for nothing?" Luo Wu ha ha smiled "of course" "Gold court will certainly be aimed at me […]

Gu Xuan let go of Miaolian Jade Ruyi. Without restraint, Miaolian Jade Ruyi slowly flew up and finally suspended in front of Gu Youping.

Self-flowing psychic powers converge towards Miaolian Jade Ruyi, and the aura of Miaolian Jade Ruyi is more and more devastated. Gu Youping distracted with a wave of his right hand, Miaolian jade ruyi swung slightly, followed by seven seven-color lotus flowers flying out of the lotus in order, red, orange, yellow, green, blue and purple, […]

"We don’t know anything about that!"

Chapter 11 A carton of milk This kind of thing is like pants. Although you can’t see it, it’s really … It turns out that the wild boar brother or demon is really bad, although he didn’t realize that he had fought a bloody battle. By the way, consider the happy life after the war-"Well, […]

Small garden hands holding many eggs with a smile.

They walked in for about three or four miles, and they entered the original old forest area, where the Millennium fairy wood is intertwined and the century-old fairy vines are entangled and entangled, and the forest wolf and Lin Xian beast are everywhere. "Ow roar …" A fierce fairy tiger suddenly appeared in front of […]

And after this war, all the Taigang brothers will be nervous.

The chief culprit, Chegan, is not dead, and there are still terrible assassins, who are secretly eyeing Taigang Sect. They must always be ready to fight. Wang Qin took good care of Xiao Fan’s retreat. Gu Xiaofan Wang Qin is no longer in charge of clan affairs, and he often leaves the mountain gate to […]

Accept the unified command of the Tenchu Magic Group!

I’m Mr. Shang Long, the head of the team, and Mr. Ai Ruila, the deputy head of the team, and Cai Shaochu, the chief of staff of the senior war staff in each joint district! This is the basic architecture, which will be adjusted according to the changes in the future! Why do you want […]

"Yan Shuang, what do you really want to do? Aren’t you afraid of Captain Lin’s anger? " Monica’s body trembled involuntarily, and the woman outside the veil was a devil, constantly making mental shocks and making her feel happy.

"Gee, I’m not malicious to Phantom of the Opera. How about your daughter following Yu Tianxing to learn? Women should learn self-love and self-improvement. Since Lilith likes something, why not help her boldly get Lin momo? Don’t regret it for life at my age? Today is to test a Lin momo’s reaction and have fun […]

Dong Lishi was immediately surprised and said, "How did I have two daughters?"

Wu Ming said with a smile, "Madam, don’t panic, it’s me." Two or so look at each other, but they are exactly the same. Even the mother can’t tell which one is the real daughter. "Ma ‘am, you two should hide in the room tonight, don’t be me, and go and meet that fellow. Please […]

Wang Xingyan’s attitude suddenly changed a hundred degrees. This attitude is obviously to draw a line with someone in two dog.

Wang hong Shang Bingxue Cong, how could she not hear Wang Xingyan? In this way, she said in a business-like tone, "Mrs. Zhang came to tell you this. Since you are worried, I will tell you that two dog’s body can’t be found. We found his shoes at the edge of the cliff. If I […]

On the other side of the cliff side of Xiaozhulou, it was renovated by Baiyun Tower. The sword practice field is five feet in size of Fiona Fang, and a flat slate shop is outward. It is surrounded by bamboo forests on three sides except a path.

It’s quite appropriate to try the imperial sword here. Xia Chaoyang took out the spiritual bamboo sword from the Haihua Palace with great interest. This spiritual bamboo sword has been refined for many days and can finally be sent to the scene. Xiao Bai, on the side of the sword practice field, was chatting and […]