57 successful clearance

After a while, a man leaned out and looked at the opposite high-flying roof, made a retreat gesture and hurried downstairs!
Back in the confidential room, Goofy pretended to be watching through binoculars, and saw a man fly from the balcony on the fourth floor opposite to climb the roof, and then ran from the roof to the roof of a nearby bank. Obviously, the hook slipped away! And then disappear from his sight.
An hour later, Zhou Lei hurried back with the action team in a rage. As soon as he entered his office, he opened the door, and then he heard a crackling sound and something was broken! Zhou Lei is furious!
Everyone is afraid to go over and persuade. Everyone knows that a long temper is not something that ordinary people can persuade! Can we not be angry if the operation is not successful?
At this time, Fu Xueying knocked on the door before coming over. "Keep the door open!"
The sound in the room stopped. Zhou Lei’s face was ugly, but he still tried to squeeze out a smile. "Please come in, vice president!" That is, Fu Xueying Fu Yi’s daughter has long been scolded by others!
Fu Xueying looked at the ground in a mess without saying a word, and slowly packed it up. Zhou Lei was busy. "Xueying, don’t pack it up! I’ll just have someone clean it up later! You haven’t been thorough yet! Don’t crack the wound again! "
Fu Xueying laughed. "It’s not that serious! It’s almost recovered! Did someone not catch it? "
Zhou Lei said angrily, "You said it was irritating and not irritating! All this is ready to catch people. I don’t know who tipped them off and the shadow escaped! It’ s just ten seconds away! "
Fu Xueying comforted, "Uncle Zhou came to you, I am the elder and the younger generation! You used to be a soldier in my father’s hand, and my father always said that winning or losing is a common thing for military strategists. It doesn’t matter if you learn from it once, you will succeed! "
Zhou Lei sighed, "I know that the real gain and loss doesn’t mean anything, but you know that this arrest was made with Minister Soong! He already knows about it. You screwed it up again! How can I explain this! "
Fu Xueying said, "Uncle Zhou’s current temper is not the way. You are the head of the military system! Everyone is watching you like this! I think the key problem is to find the ghost first! It’s impossible to get the news so fast in such a short time! It has not been more than an hour since you talked to Minister Song. It is estimated that this ghost must be our military headquarters! "
Zhou Lei nodded. "That’s what I thought, but it’s also very troublesome to check up! Although there are only a few hundred people in our military system, it is not so easy to check if it is true! "
Fu Xueying laughed. "Uncle Zhou, my father said that there is no such thing as a traitor! Believe that I will have a chance to find this ghost sooner or later! "
Zhou Lei patted her on the shoulder and said, "Xueying, your father really helped me a lot by arranging you to come to me! You’re a good girl, and you can give people soothing pills at all times! Thank you, uncle. You’re right. You’ll find ghosts sooner or later! All right, I’m done with this! Much more comfortable! Let’s go out and get some air and give them a meeting! "
In 571, Zhou Lei was furious.
Fu Xueying nodded. "All right, Uncle Zhou, but I hope you don’t get too excited! It is easy to hurt the heart! "
Zhou Lei nodded. "Don’t worry! Uncle knows what to do! "
Two people walked out of Zhou Lei’s office and came to the military conference hall. Zhou Lei told the secret to find a meeting with everyone.
In less than half an hour, everyone was in place, and Zhou Lei waved everyone to sit down.
"Dear colleagues, what will break into a furious rage until today? It’s a waste of time to carefully plan an arrest! What? Because someone made a temporary move and leaked the news to the shadow, the cinema escaped from our eyelids! "
He looked at the bottom of the hand, and none of them said, "This is a question. What’s the question? This says that there is a traitor in our military headquarters! If anyone knows who the traitor is, Zhou Lei will personally reward him with 1000 dollars! How about it? "
That’s a generous offer, but who knows? Have looked at each other, fly up, "each department workers who go out when action? Don’t wait for people to find out, it will be hard to do it! "
Or someone zhi Zhou Lei looked at Gao Fei and motioned for him to sit down. "Let me tell you the truth, everyone. If I find out that someone is unruly and violates secret rules, Zhou Lei will never condone the rape and will definitely go to hell to pay!" Who dares to speak easily at this time when you are so generous or someone answers?
Zhou Lei is also a clue, and he knows that no one will grow up like a fool, but he just wants to shock the mountain and deter it!
"Since everyone doesn’t talk, don’t blame me for being terminating! Once I find someone lurking in our department, I will make him pay a hundred times the price to repay his criminal responsibility! All right, let’s go! " He has looked around, including goofy, and no one has made a difference, even the slightest move! He can!
After dusk, Gao Fei left the military system alone and went straight to an inn on the street! When he passed an alley, he suddenly had a premonition that someone was following him, which he had trained for many years. The intuition of special scouts never made mistakes!
He didn’t stop. He shot all over his body out of the corner of his eye. No one was suspicious. He quietly took out a small mirror clip from his pocket and shook his fingers. It was clear at a glance! Not far behind, there are two military commanders, who are closely following themselves!
This Zhou Lei seems to have doubts about himself, but he has no evidence and no hands! He is from Dai Li, and Zhou Lei dare not touch him easily unless there is definite evidence!
He suddenly turned around, and the two men caught off guard and stopped in a hurry to pretend to be a shoelace and look around. They wanted to smile and hold their arms and look at them. They kept pretending to be flying high, and suddenly accelerated their speed and rushed into the alley. The two men hurried after them and went into the alley to see that they didn’t even see a ghost!
571 shadow agent
"Black! That’s strange. Why did it disappear in a flash? This is too small! " Zhong yi te Dao
"Say it is! Maybe this director Lin will fly? Or did you run away as a ghost? "
"Aye, yes! Who the fuck kicked me! " Looking back, I looked at the two stooges calmly. "It’s Zhou Zhou who sent you two!"
"Aye, yes! It’s director Lin. Either we two brothers just want to go shopping! You go, you let’s go first! " Be about to slip away.
"Come back!" Goofy figure that has reached both of them near the clown face changed color "director Lin we just run errands to listen to drink! You see "a despicable face.
Goofy looked at the two of them slowly. "You two listen to the old man and go back and tell the grown-up that I am more qualified in Lin Guobin than he is. He wants to check the old man again when he wants to! It annoys me. Everyone looks bad! Always come out to have a drink and play with women. If you two are interested, why don’t you go with the old man? It’s my treat in Lin Guobin! "
"Hey yo! Director Lin, you are not scolding us! Ok, you are the brothers who are wrong. Let us do it. What do you say that we two brothers can run errands? "
Goofy gave a "line get out of here! If you let the old man see a broken hand and a broken foot, you can do it yourself! " Turn around and go!
"Brother, let’s not follow that!"
"With a fart to follow life is gone! Hurry back and report. I told you not everyone can mess with it! Somebody else’s director Lin is the boss Dai. Who dares to question it? Let’s go, brother. Go back to work! "
Goofy crossed two blocks and came to a restaurant and went straight to the counter. "The shopkeeper gave me four dishes, two meats, two vegetables and a pot of daughter red!" I love spicy food. Get me some peppers! "
The shopkeeper looked up. "Guest, do you want southern green pepper or northern morning pepper?"
"Hey hey! I am a northerner, of course, I have to eat pepper! " Goofy laughed
"ah! Well, what about this wine? How many kinds of daughter red do you want to drink? "
"Well, why don’t the shopkeeper take me to see if I choose it myself?"
"That’s all right! Then ask the guest officer to come with me? " The shopkeeper led the way in front of Goofy, followed by the shopkeeper and winked at a little boy. The boy immediately moved a stool and sat at the door. The shopkeeper took Goofy and walked to the back hall!
Into the living room the shopkeeper fuels "you are comrade goofy! I’m Wang Liuyi. Just call me Lao Wang! The traffic chief of Jinan has long heard of Comrade Gao Fei’s name! "
Goofy gave a smile "come on, Lao Wang! Don’t wear a top hat for me. By the way, do you know that shadow agent? "
Wang Liuyi laughed. "Do you really want to see him?"
Goofy to "this man is really busy, I’d like to know him!" "
"Then come with me!" At this time, the man brought in a box, and Wang Liuyi took it and said, "Take care of the front and don’t make a mess!"
"Don’t worry, shopkeeper!" The man went out and Wang Liuyi came to the front of the frame. When he turned a decoration, he saw the frame sliding to a secret door on both sides, and the wall appeared. When he pressed "brush", it was divided!
"yo! Lao Wang, you are quite secret here! " Goofy went in and said
"Hey hey! This used to be a big merchant restaurant! It took a hidden treasure to make such a dark room. I didn’t expect to be benefited by us! " Backhand with the door pressed against a wall and the outer frame suddenly closed!
572 top secret plan
Lao Wang let him into the inner secret room, which is a small room with a bed, two chairs, a tea tray, a tea set and other things.