But for pirates, this speed is acceptable, but ten hardware a day is not generally crazy to hire.

Wu Xin said, "I’ve heard that class-five captains can be upgraded slowly through transportation without being promoted to employment." "It’s going to take a long time and he’s only one life. If he’s killed, who will cry?" Lang Dao: "At present, the second question is that it is even more difficult for another gunner to […]

Yeah, he was scared shit and scared pee.

In a sneer, Liu Yu shook his head and left with Wang Shaoyang. What happened to these people now? Is it difficult for young women to seduce or square dance? Have to run here to do such a shameful thing. In the daytime, the restaurant is proofing tonight. There are two fat and strong men […]


Suddenly, the explosive Zhuge Changhong burst, and the terrible energy was far greater than that of the Jedi extinction plus seven’ o. The power of the Big Bang was the closest to Zhuge Changhong, and Yuan Ye hid in the world for the first time, while the rest were a little close to people who […]

Chapter 33 Gamblers revenge

Rod lamented that it sounded suspicious to Cheyenne to ask him for the signal of Tianling potion. Many games do not wake up directly, depending on the player’s own choice, there will be different rewards for subsequent development, and there is no right or wrong score. Cheyenne took the initiative to say, "Uncle Rod, I […]

Because we are nearby, especially my Death Wing wants me to come here to create the illusion of invasion. Nekros is an idiot. He obviously knew that the invading troops would come at any time, and now he is even more sure that Ronin glanced at his injured finger, where he was completely unconscious. He had to wait until his own time to go to this wound. Now many things are far more important than a finger.

What does the black dragon want to keep the orcs away from the fortress? asked the ranger. What can he get in that way? I think I should have guessed that Ronin walked to the edge of the cliff. He first stabilized himself and then looked over the cliff. He couldn’t see anything, but he […]

Lu Xiaojia thinks that Du Yuesheng’s method is almost sloppy. Lu Lanchun still asked him to give up. No, I depend on you for these three things, but Lu Lanchun still has to come to the mansion for three days. After three days, Lu Mou will definitely return it.

Seeing that we can talk things over, we will have a Lu Lanchun come to a deadlock again. Du Yuesheng didn’t want to give up all our efforts. He bit his teeth and promised Lu Xiaojia to let Lu Lanchun accompany Lu Xiaojia for three days, which can once again hit a Huang Jinrong momentum. […]