Suddenly, the explosive Zhuge Changhong burst, and the terrible energy was far greater than that of the Jedi extinction plus seven’ o. The power of the Big Bang was the closest to Zhuge Changhong, and Yuan Ye hid in the world for the first time, while the rest were a little close to people who were weak and prayed for life. By the way, there were several casualties.
Luo Qiong Bao Wenqian, who was always fighting for mountains and months, couldn’t help looking at Zhuge Changhong’s explosion place. Although they blamed Zhuge Changhong for hurting them, Zhu Tianrong, a genius who tested with the same level, died. Jingyu died, and Zhuge Changhong died again. These three geniuses are not so sad.
What the hell are you doing listening to my command? Then Yuan Ye came from Mijie, and then the power of the Jedi was destroyed again.
Yuan Ye and Bao Wenqian were the first to respond to the green energy all over the sky, and finally a green tornado rushed to the old man.
Luo Qiong, on the other hand, is a number of busy people rushing at the same time. When rushing, his body is constantly colliding and he is going to explode.
The mountain and the moon are quite similar to Yuan Ye’s fusion strength, but they are the fusion of the five forces of fire, water and soil in Jin Mu, but they are much stronger than Yuan Ye’s, even if the sky is destroyed.
Continuous bombardment of terrible energy fireworks generally resounds through the sky, which makes people feel a strong sense of death.
Good, good, good. Deep in the eyes, two green lights stare at it, which brings up three forces that are broken all the way, and the body always shakes.
With a hoarse old voice, the guardian of the sky rang out from the old mouth, and thick fog energy suddenly flooded from his body and finally condensed into a set of light curtains with white luster
Light curtain just forming three terrible force is crashing into it.
In the instant of impact, the silence of heaven and earth seemed to disappear at this moment, but this silence continued for an instant, and the shocking explosion that made heaven and earth tremble suddenly exploded in the sky.
The huge energy storm with a thousand feet suddenly swept through the explosion place, and all of them split into pieces of dark holes at this moment. The terrible strong wind poured down on the ground, and people who walked by the wind and sand could see that the thousand feet of the ground in Fiona Fang was blown away at a speed visible to the naked eye, and huge cracks continued to spread from the depths of the ground like earthquakes.
Look at that storm that swept across the sky, all the people present were pale.
Yuan Ye drank and pulled Bao Wenqian without looking at the knot, and rushed to the tree of life. At the same time, Luo Qiongshan was not stupid and immediately followed.
Go there and then the explosion core will ring in anger and snap, and at the same time an old figure will come at a faster speed.
I decided to go, and then I didn’t know when Yuan Ye was in two places at once, but it was a snap. Now the old front must pass by, and the corners of the mouth smiled and the palms waved directly.
The law of death the fourth type of birth and death, eternal life Chapter 1614 Too respectful.
The fourth formula of the law of death came crashing when the old Yuan Ye and others all fled and were desperate to kill him, but the old root didn’t expect such a blow, and when he felt that it was wrong, the terrible black ripple had blasted his head.
With this kind of power, I’ll spare you from a sudden flash attack, which made the old man slightly absent, but he came to his senses in an instant, forcibly pressing the injured, withered palm and waving it quickly, and then the black ripples slammed together.
Boom, two crashing collisions, a thunderous explosion, and then the black ripples full of destructive power filled the sky in this bombardment, and many powerful people around the praying world were once again killed by the pond fish.
Snow Many people in the praying world directly sprayed one mouthful blood into the sky, filled with destructive fluctuations, and black ripples swept wildly in its diffusion range, and all living things suffered a devastating blow. Those around them were so frightened that they were too scared to get close to the black ripple diffusion range.
Yuan Ye busy is coldly looking at all this. After several breaths, an old figure in the black corrugated diffusion center is finally coming slowly.
Snow suddenly, the walking old man suddenly vomited a mouthful of blood, and his eyes flooded with green light again. Before he turned pale, he had been bombarded by three genius forces without minor injuries, and then he forced himself to suppress the injury and chase it again, but he didn’t want to be hit hard just once, which was strong. He also had to spray blood in his mouth at the moment.
Wipe the blood from the corners of your mouth, always look up slowly and say hello. You geniuses are all very capable, but it’s not enough for you to face me.
That’s enough. I’m not trying to kill you. I’m just passing you by. Yuan Ye is busy and smiles. I just look back at the tree of life. At this time, Yuan Ye, Luo Qiong, Bao Wenqian, Shan Yue and four people have reached the tree of life.
Here, they look up and look down, so that they can really feel that this tree of life, which has lived for many years, is huge. When four people arrive at the bottom of the tree of life, a bright beam of light suddenly breaks out in the tree, directly covering Yuan Ye and others in it.
The sudden scene surprised Yuan Ye, who was just about to display quarrelling, but found with horror that all quarrelling had disappeared at this moment.
I was worried that this was life’s commitment. On the other side, Luo Qiong’s face was crazy, and then Yuan Ye was horrified. The light beam was rapidly shrinking, whew, and then it flashed back to the tree and disappeared at the same time. Yuan Ye also had four people.
Not far away, a group of people who always looked at the strange disappearance turned pale.
However, Yuan Ye, Luo Qiong, Bao Wenqian, Shan Yue and four people actually retired.
What’s going on
What’s going on here
Luo Qiong, Shan Yue, two experienced people find it hard to accept yelling, while Yuan Ye, Bao Wenqian, never accepted the promise of life, and even looked at each other and didn’t know anything.
When people stop, a dull sound rings in Yuan Ye’s ear. Yuan Ye feels like an old man whispering softly in his ear, but it is very clear in this chaotic and noisy battlefield, which surprises Yuan Ye even more. Does everyone present seem to hear this dull and gentle word and then kill people, including those who are in extreme excitement and enjoyment, and those who pray for life have stopped?
Yuan Ye tried to move his body, but he was horrified to find that his whole body seemed to be in a state of power, and he moved half a point by blocking his roots rather than even talking.
This is the shock of Yuan Ye. At this time, everyone saw that the tree of life slowly cracked a crack, and then stepped on it with one foot from the void. At last, it was a wolf’s head.
The wolf head seems to hold the rich expression of human beings. It is indifferent to look at the battlefield. The eyes sweep across the world of praying for life, the world of Asura, and the brothers of Heaven Sect. Those brothers finally landed in Yuan Yeshan, Bao Wenqian and Luo Qiong.
Four people with Buddha’s seal, three students’ seal and one disciple’s seal. Brother Chang Fan gave me a face to let you geniuses come to visit me and pray for the world of life. The wolf’s head was a freak, but the conversation turned around. But if you four are Buddha’s disciples, I pray for the world of life to bully. It would be a big mistake. Seeing Brother Chang Fan’s face, I will punish the main murderer. Who is the main murderer in this fight today?
As the wolf’s personal words fell, Yuan Ye felt that the whole body disappeared. Soon, his manpower was generally invaded by sweat. It was terrible. What kind of strength was this? Yuan Ye had also seen other places than Mu Ke, but the roots were not so terrible. Maybe Mu Ke failed to show his strength at that time, but Yuan Ye always felt that the wolf’s personal guy was already the most terrible person he had met. However, Yuan Ye met the Buddha, but he could not see through the roots, but he didn’t feel how terrible it was.
See the Lord’s body gain. At once, the strong praying for life fell on their knees. The crowd knelt down and no one blocked their sight. Yuan Ye also saw that the other side was not far away, and the Warcraft group was also attached to the ground. Yuan Ye didn’t kneel here.
In the face of this talk, the Buddha, a friend of Chang Fan’s, was extremely strong and respectful to ask questions. At last, Yuan Ye took a deep breath and walked slowly with a dignified face. It was my attention that I prayed for life to kill people. If Yuan Ye was too old, I would punish him.
Are you the Yuan Ye smell speech too respect the cold Wolf directly to Yuan Ye eyes flashing light seems to be interested in Yuan Ye DiYiLiuYiWu chapter difficult.
It’s the praying world that allows outsiders to get life. Everyone in the praying world has finished according to the rules of praying world, and they have obtained life qualification. People in praying world don’t want to explain depriving me of life qualification just because I know the law of death, but they want to seize me for trial. I have never heard of this, so I have to resist, and even now I have won life acceptance, but I still haven’t let me kill a praying world person. Yuan Yeyin once again resounded through the area and straightened my chest in the face of too much respect and pressure.
You’re quite right. You’re too respectful to laugh coldly. I feel that you are holding the four artifacts of death, life, darkness and light. It’s unfair to judge whether a person is qualified to get life by strength alone, but for whatever reason, you try to take life by force and challenge a stronger human being in the praying world. That’s contempt for me, and it’s contempt for me. You say whether I should punish you or not.
When I heard such words, Yuan Ye looked coldly at the past. Life and death depend on whether you punish me or not.
Yuan Ye closed his eyes directly. It’s not that he doesn’t want to enter the world. In the face of such strength, he doesn’t have much confidence in the world. Secondly, Yuan Ye is also betting on the years, and his good friend Yuan Ye is betting that this will not be so unfair.
Ha ha ha ha a sudden hearty laugh resounded through a source of life. Yuan Ye opened his eyes and saw Tai Di Zun’s face admiringly. Looking at him, he is a personality. Two heavenly beings value people, whether they are students or apprentices, but they are all geniuses. I pray that those who are called geniuses are no match for me. This time, I punish the first offender and let bygones be bygones. But it will be difficult for you to handle others. I will punish only you and me.
What smell speech Yuan Ye was suddenly confused? He asked if it was too respectful to pull.