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Ye Chen tried to reach out his hand to the front, but this time his hand was not blocked by anything and went directly through the water and the barrier actually disappeared.
Master disappeared south son said in surprise.
Well, Ye Chen turned his eyes back to the gray plant and said that this barrier should not be generated by this plant to protect himself, but the North Emperor set up the North Emperor’s power to protect it after throwing the seed. Can ordinary people break and remove this barrier? The key is to cut the star sword.
The northern emperor ordered weapons to destroy the urban bow, while the southern emperor was his enemy for so many years. If he wants to leave this mysterious plant to those who inherit the urban bow, is the key to this barrier a star sword or does he want to leave it to the star sword?
There is no doubt that there must be some special reason for this.
Ye Chen slowly approached the squat body, and the gray reality was magnified in the line of sight. Gradually, Ye Chen’s eyes became blurred. A strange emotion urged him to touch the gray reality in the form, and he wanted to pick it. Ye Chen was not alert to anything, but he reached out to the gray reality.
The hand touched the little gray reality, and at the moment when the fingers touched, a tender sound sounded late.
Dad, don’t touch it
At this time, Ye Chen’s body suddenly froze and his eyes became blurred and dull in an instant.
Memories turn as fast as rivers.
A few days ago, he found Tu Huangzhu.
A few months ago, he went to the Snow Palace in Canglan and found his daughter Sichen.
Sichen’s memory continued to fall. In his panic, he forgot Sichen’s name and then Sichen’s presence.
The memory died in the fall, and his body and mind were completely out of control. His body seemed to be being pulled away quickly, and he didn’t know how to make other people struggle.
A few months earlier, he reunited with Ye Jia after a long separation of three years.
More than a year ago, he relied on the awakening power of Xiang Xiang to leave the abyss of broken souls.
The names of Yan Gong Ruo Yan Gong Yue came to his mind and then blurred until he couldn’t remember who they were anymore.
I remember what happened.
The memory goes back to the moment when he woke up at the beginning of the broken soul, and the heart echoed with snow, which tore his heart out and cried.
The memory spans two years and goes back to the dream of Xue Fei Yan Yanzhi three years ago.
Pupil heart
pupil (of the eye)
God punishes women
Panic is a kind of fear that is more terrible than death. He is suffering from the horror of being stripped of his memory when he is awake.
Memories continue to fall back to his early leaves home and the first time he met Ning Xue.
Cher, no, I don’t want to forget Cher, Cher, Cher.
He forgot the name of Ning Xue in the cry of tearing his heart, and gradually forgot her and their acquaintance.
There was a loud bang in his brain, as if something had exploded in his brain, and this explosion also blew away. At last, he realized that his brain suddenly went white and then became dark.
Ye Chen’s eyes glazed over and his body floated straight up in the water. A gray light spread from his fingers to the gray reality, and a white light from the horse erased the gray light from Ye Chen’s body. It was another strange force that made Ye Chen’s gray reality touch together and his right hand separated.