As Xiao Lingyu hesitated, the sword-repairing monarch also went to the city guard camp, and in a secret room, he sat opposite a strong city guard who also had the magic monarch’s cultivation. There was a table between them, and there were some fruits and wine on the table.

"I haven’t seen you for many years, but Brother Feng is about to break through to the Mundus level. It’s really gratifying." The strong city guards raised their glasses and laughed. "Brother Lu is not bad either. Although it is still a little far away from the emperor’s level, in less than ten million years, […]

"Tang Wenlong is a monster, and the yellow race can actually have such physical qualities." Before the competition, several reporters got together to discuss that the most important thing in the competitive competition is to expose the star. Only when the star has news points can it be worth seeing.

A Yahoo sports reporter said, "Yes, it broke my understanding that the yellow race is physically weak. At this rate of development, we will have the opportunity to compete for MVP this year!" "There are scoring champions who are less than 21 years old in the NBA? Oh, this is crazy! " Other reporters interface […]

"Who? Is that the man who set you free? What’s his name? "

"Yes, he, he is. I can’t name him." Hearing this, Xiao Wu couldn’t stay any longer. He put the skins at the door and left quietly. Xiao Wu has only one feeling to live in this world. A man will be humble if he doesn’t have absolutely strong power. Momo will be a beautiful memory […]

Come in

A faint and casual tone, like a bead splashing on the ground, struck him hard. His body was stiff and he was at a loss. He just had feelings for her last night, and now he has to face her. Can he still be calm before? Long fingers practicing martial arts, leaving cocoons and stroking […]

Looking at the blaster of Vulcan war, Zilan Fairy immediately snorted coldly, but there was no irate look and no words in her expression. Her hand was slightly raised, and’ Jin Jiao Jian’ went to sell it and turned into two golden dragons with a hundred feet. The golden light flashed, and the body of Vulcan war was smashed, and it was cut in half.

However, at the moment when a dust child and others were dumbfounded and the frightened Vulcan war was cut in half,’ Jin Jiao Jian’ was castrated, and in a flash it appeared at the side of the huge body in the sky. When the waist was cut, the Vulcan body of Jinyang was also cut […]

Night maple walked and kicked Cory. Seeing that Cory did not move, he said that the count was one step away from death and wanted me to save him.

People are your companions, and of course you saved them. Night maple glanced coldly at the speaker, who seemed to blame him for his meddling. The man felt the cold light in night maple’s eyes and couldn’t help but make a long-winded speech. Aranda said, Brother Night, I’m really sorry. He is talkative. Just don’t […]

Because we are nearby, especially my Death Wing wants me to come here to create the illusion of invasion. Nekros is an idiot. He obviously knew that the invading troops would come at any time, and now he is even more sure that Ronin glanced at his injured finger, where he was completely unconscious. He had to wait until his own time to go to this wound. Now many things are far more important than a finger.

What does the black dragon want to keep the orcs away from the fortress? asked the ranger. What can he get in that way? I think I should have guessed that Ronin walked to the edge of the cliff. He first stabilized himself and then looked over the cliff. He couldn’t see anything, but he […]

He’s not called the Palace Guard because most of the Palace Guards are senior guards who know the situation of the former idiot temple very well. Many Palace Guards don’t pay attention to that temple.

Most of the guards in the outer palace are newcomers who are born with fear of the imperial palace. You should know that I didn’t know many things about Xuanyuan guoxing before. Let me talk about the fact that the palace is also a Xuanyuan country. Meng Fei is superficial and pretends to be casual, […]

Yang Tian is still very excited at this moment.

Fairy world, how familiar and strange the world has been for too long. Do any of them remember the great shura? I’m back. Yang Tianmu in a lotus flower heart in crazy shout. Chapter four hundred and forty-six Pick up Sendai In Yang Tian’s past life memory, the celestial continent is called the seven-yuan continent, […]

Seeing that big smelly mouth is about to stick to yourself, Qin used his quick wits to enlarge and shouted, "You deserve to be my teacher. You will have to refine your smelly mouth if you want to refine it at the back of your armpit."

The abnormal magician heard that Zheng really didn’t approach again, but asked after his face was uncertain. How did you know that I was covering the door when you knew how to refine it? Qin destroyed andao a lottery. Fortunately, from this guy’s fear of hidden weapons’s reaction, he associated himself with a shallow kung […]