Come in

A faint and casual tone, like a bead splashing on the ground, struck him hard. His body was stiff and he was at a loss. He just had feelings for her last night, and now he has to face her. Can he still be calm before? Long fingers practicing martial arts, leaving cocoons and stroking the mask on his face. Fortunately, it seems to have a little peace of mind. His figure flies in from the window
The Lord is colder than usual, somewhat concealing his heart’s different emotions, hanging his head slightly, and looking straight at the ground, the purple pupil did not look at the little girl who had lost her mind.
Well, it’s cold and curved, and it’s faint. Leaning on the back of the bed, black hair hanging freely in a white brocade robe is lazy. How’s it going than hanging your head and casually painting ducks with your hands?
Fortunately, I have ordered dozens of shops such as inn, restaurant, rice bank, bank, shipping escort agency, Xiuzhuang, etc., and all walks of life have a strong development momentum. Not only have I mastered the economic lifeline of Tianyao Dynasty, but I have also infiltrated the roaring tigers, Uttar Pradesh and the Three Kingdoms. I replied that when Lengwan left the palace and stayed at the crescent floor, he not only set out to train killers in the building, but also let him establish businesses all over the country.
Very good, cold and bent, and the madam of Yuexiangge has also divided the other floors of Yuexiangge into precise ones. A few days ago, I sent a message that the northern state was a secret royalist organization, while the emperor of Liao at night trained a group of dead people, while the tiger roaring country relied on the advantages of relying on mountains and relying on Haiti to secretly hide its strength and try to annihilate other three countries to achieve the goal of unifying the sky. It’s a pity that maybe the killer they sent this time can really bear the cruel pain of the body, but the spirit is not 100% firm. Since they all want to unify the sky and not shine, who will take the tiger roaring country knife
I want you to bring down the national economy in three days, and then get the topographic map of the country. A tall man was surrendered by a short man with a spear pointing at his hands, and the pen fell heavily with a big fork, which tore the man apart.
Yechen replied, turning around, the white figure disappeared into the night.
Unify the sky
Cold and curved, put pen to paper and look out the window. The moonlight is hazy and the night wind is slowly. Since the moons are all the same round, don’t they all be included in the bag of glory?
Yarn weft flutters, gums shake, two bodies are intertwined naked, doing piston movement fiercely, and suddenly the square man suddenly shivers and becomes soft.
What’s the matter with you? Men and women want to climb to the peak, but they are suddenly softened by men, making their hearts itch, and they dare not complain. They ask men with red cheeks, climb men with weak bones, and draw circles on their backs in a provocative way.
Men pull women’s hands and turn over and lie down on one side, panting heavily. A pair of ink pupils stare at the top of the bed curtain, and handsome eyebrows pucker up. Just now, he will suddenly have a bad feeling and make him shudder uncontrollably.
Three days later, three tall horses arrived in the Tiger Roaring Country, and the peerless demeanor of three men attracted everyone’s attention, hoping that the shy woman would be red and familiar with the apple.
Three men on horseback went directly into the Diaoyin Building, the largest restaurant in Roaring Country, after entering the Xuancheng of Roaring Country.
Night soul went to the counter to pay waist tag and flashed in front of the shopkeeper. The shopkeeper immediately became very respectful and kissed the three people into the Tianzihao room.
See the landlord
Entered the house and closed the door. The shopkeeper immediately knelt down to greet the three people.
Get up, the night is faint, and the night soul is around him.
I wonder if the landlord told the shopkeeper to get up and slightly bend over and ask.
great event
A look at the night before the night soul realized it, whispering in the shopkeeper’s ear, and the shopkeeper nodded from time to time.
It’s time for the landlord to rest here first. The shopkeeper nodded at the three people and knocked on the door to leave.
Half an hour later, the shopkeeper led a large group of people into the Tianzihao room. Among them, men and women are the owners of the crescent moon building, which was established in Roaring Country.
See the landlord and all nodded at the night.
Well, the night nodded, and the purple pupil swept every one of them coldly. This time, the decree paralyzed the economy of the roars for three days.
The three day
They looked at each other and were curious about the mysterious Lord, but they also felt panic. Can the roars in three days bring down the country?
Three diaries lived in the night, glancing at the crowd coldly and domineering fate way
Is the people replied.
Three days later, it was a bustling place, and suddenly there was an economic crisis. No one knew what it was because nearly 10,000 businesses in Huxiao country closed down and Huxiao suffered heavy losses.
Emperor Huxiao’s anger made him investigate thoroughly. However, all the officials failed to return, which made Huxiao country shrouded in a shadow. Just as Huxiao’s inexplicable economic trend slipped, another even more shocking thing came: the topographic map of Huxiao country disappeared.
What happened to the uproar of the tiger roars? In just three or four days, the tiger roars into a gloomy cloud.
On the fifth day, a letter inexplicably appeared in the imperial room of Emperor Roar, and no one knew exactly how it was written in the letter. After seeing it, the country was shocked and fell to the dragon chair. A piece of writing paper fluttered on the ground and clearly wrote
The tiger will not roar and be dumb.
Chapter one hundred and eleven Night killing
A man can’t break one arm without breaking the other.
The night is bright and cold, the moonlight is everywhere, the silvery white night wind hits the flowers and sways quietly, and there is an unusual smell at night.
At night in northern Liaoning
Dozens of black figures fly over the wall in the moonlit night. Tianyao’s border is headed by a purple pupil man with a golden mask. By the bright moonlight, he took two drawings and others whispered and discussed them. After a while, the men in black dispersed into two teams and sent them to Uttar Pradesh in the night.
The night wind is cool, and the leaves rustle like a panic, and then it calms down.
At the end of the day, when everyone was sleeping, the bloody smell quietly infiltrated into the night.
Men in black are shuttling in different houses, or they are gorgeous or complicated, and the cold light of the sword is flashing, which makes it more and more gloomy.
Sneaking into the night, the men in black in the Shang government of Liao Ministry of War accidentally stepped on the tiles, which alarmed the night patrol nursing home in the house.
Nursery suddenly drink a brush to a everyone pulled out a knife to stare around.